About Greg Coles – Bio:

Greg taught himself to play bridge by reading bridge books but never managed to get around to actually playing the game for quite some time.  Finally, in 2004, he mustered up the courage to make a trip to his local bridge club to play.  If only Greg’s wife, Stephanie, had known how that trip to the bridge club was going to change his life – she probably never would have allowed him to go!

Within just a couple of years, Greg had become a Duplicate Bridge Director and started directing games at his local club.  Shortly thereafter he took over as the Midland Bridge Club Manager.  Teaching certifications, a position on his local Bridge Unit’s Board of Directors and many other stints as a volunteer soon followed.  Somehow or another by 2009, Greg had managed to play enough bridge to earn the status of Life Master (a designation or level with the ACBL – American Contract Bridge League).

Today Greg is a Silver Life Master and has taught hundreds of students wanting to learn the game or improve their bridge.  He still loves playing the game and plays at least once a week, often partnering with some of the best players in Ontario.  Greg now also works for the ACBL part-time as a Tournament Director.  While this has cut into his playing time at area tournaments, he loves the fact that this allows him to improve the tournament experience for the players.  Greg teaches bridge throughout the year and prides himself on providing his students with a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which to learn the world’s greatest card game.

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What People Are Saying About Greg Coles:

It is evident that by taking the beginners series, I can now build on the fundamentals that were missing.  In the first ten minutes of tonight’s class I counted at least six things in the “I didn’t know that” category.  By the end of the class this evening, I knew this series was the right choice.

Greg is one in a million in the teaching department, and believe me, I know.  I taught new teachers at Brock university for much of my career who were doing their B.Ed. And M.Ed. Degrees, and Greg would rank as one of the top five teachers of adults (out of thousands) I have observed and taught.

Greg’s teaching style implements a combination of theory and practise which is irresistible to learners.  That makes the learning real and relevant.  The women at my table last week didn’t want to leave and begged for just “one more hand”…at the end of the lesson.

Many thanks for your great teaching style and inspiration!

Ellie Kirby-Seaton

Greg does a great service to bridge learners.  His seminars are informative, well communicated, and topical.  His organization skills are evident in the format of the lesson plans and in the manner in which he communicates.  He adapts his presentations to the needs and levels of his audience.

Greg is supportive of individuals’ efforts, willingly responding to questions and complimenting people’s results.  He encourages people to send him follow-up questions and is prompt and thorough in his responses to those.

A learning environment can sometimes be a frustrating and intimidating experience.  Greg minimizes this as well as anyone.

John Chiles

I have worked with many teachers both in schools and as an adult learner. Greg Coles is an excellent bridge teacher–he has an abundant knowledge of bridge and he also has the gift of being able to teach this exciting game to everyone who attends his lessons! The Midland Bridge Club is extremely fortunate to have acquired such a talented bridge  player to teach students of all levels!
I am very thankful that Greg is willing to offer his services to the bridge players in this area!

Chris P.

Greg’s humour, laid-back attitude and positive outlook all come through as he teaches. Thank you.

Carol F.

It is amazing to me how much Greg knows and how he remembers things so well.  Its certainly helps me [and he] certainly explains things well.

Ken W.

We are really enjoying the lessons. Greg makes them interesting and easy to understand. We’re looking forward to the next session. We’re also looking forward to trying out our newly learned skills on our bridge playing friends.

Warren and Marilyn Bonneville

Greg makes our learning easy. He explains things clearly. His friendly manner encourages our participation. His lesson plans are well organized. Actually playing out the topic allows us to see its merit. Having the content of each lesson e-mailed to us reinforces our learning by providing us with the relevant reading material.

Thank you many times over, Greg. Thank you to the members of the Midland Bridge Club for facilitating our School of Bridge.

Trudie Reid

As a visitor from Hong Kong, I feel so welcome at the Midland Bridge Club. Greg’s lessons are fantastic and there is always lots of take away for further thought and strategy. Greg makes it seem so simple! I look forward to more lessons and improving my game at the many options to play at the club.

Extraordinary value for your money!

Cat Graydon